Ligature for readers

Ebooks are infinitely portable, adaptable and searchable. You can carry the greater part of human knowledge wherever you go, search it in an instant, copy a quotation or a turn of phrase and share it with the world. But only if the technology is allowed its full potential, and not artificially restricted.

The e-books we sell in the Ligature bookshop are all unencrypted and free of digital rights management, or DRM. Once you’ve bought one it you can download it immediately in Mobi format (for Kindle) or ePub format (for Apple Books, Nook, Kobo and just about everything else). It will also be added your Ligature bookshelf and you can redownload it in either format whenever you like. Once downloaded it’s yours forever, and you can convert it to any other format you like. If you want to share it with a friend or family member, like you might with a paper book—well, we’re not going to stop you.

We also sell all our books through the Kindle Store, the Apple Books store and the Kobo eBook Store, so you can purchase direct from your device and use their libraries. These will also be DRM-free. Our authors get paid more when you buy direct from Ligature, but they do pretty well either way, so don’t worry too much.

Where we have the print rights, we’ll also make our books available in print-on-demand paperback, both through the Ligature bookshop and also through online and local bookshops—please ask for our books if they’re not on the shelves. Most print books purchased from us come with free e-books and are also available at a discount for volume purchases.

You can see all our books in no particular order below. You can also use the menu above or follow these links to browse our imprints, genres and writers.