Ligature for new writers

The digital revolution offers exciting opportunities for writers, but many writers are finding it harder than ever to find and keep a publisher in what are undoubtedly uncertain times. Self-publishing is an attractive option, but it comes with its own challenges: too many books are published without being sufficiently edited, and without a publisher’s imprimatur may go undistinguished from the countless others.

At Ligature, we think we have the best of both worlds. By focusing on electronic and print-on-demand publishing we can take risks that traditional publishers can’t. Our overheads are low so we can invest time in your book without having to worry about inventory or warehousing. If we love your manuscript we’ll publish it and try to find an audience for it.

We’ll work with you to bring out the best in your book, finalise a cover in the Ligature style and make it available in print and electronic formats worldwide. We don’t pay advances but will pay you 50% of our receipts from the sale of your book. We do ask for an exclusive licence of the copyright in your book—so that if we can sell the film rights we’ll take a share of the proceeds—but you can revert that licence at any time after five years. This gives us a chance to recover our investment in your work without tying it up for any longer than we need to.

Please us with a synopsis and at least one chapter of your manuscript. We publish a wide range of literary and general fiction and non-fiction—including young adult fiction, short stories, poetry and plays. We’d love to hear from you.