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The digital revolution offers exciting opportunities for writers, but many writers are finding it harder than ever to find and keep a publisher in what are undoubtedly uncertain times. Self-publishing is an attractive option, but it comes with its own challenges: too many books are published without being sufficiently edited, and without a publisher’s imprimatur may go undistinguished from the countless others.

At Ligature, we think we have the best of both worlds. Here’s how it works:

You submit your manuscript · Upload your document with a one-line description, identifying genre tags, a short synopsis and an extract that showcases your writing talent.

Our editors bid for it · They’re always searching for new manuscripts that excite them. If they like yours, they’ll contact you with their qualifications and their proposal to help you develop it to its fullest potential.

You choose your editor · You’ll do at least one structural edit and a full copy-edit together. You can organise this however you like, but we’d recommend free online collaboration tools such as Google Docs.

We publish your book · We’ll work with you to finalise a cover in the Ligature style, convert and hand-tune the electronic book and publish it worldwide. You’ll get 50% of our receipts from the sale of your book, and your editor will get 15%.

Now you’re an editor · Once you’ve had your book published, you can be an editor. This is a great way to help the Ligature community, improve your skills and profile as a writer, and collect 15% from every book you work on.

You get the benefit of comprehensive editing with someone who believes in your book and wants to invest their time in it. Your readers know that your book has been through a rigorous development process, and your own reputation is backed by your editor’s and Ligature’s.

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