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A ligature is a link or connection between two or three characters. It helps letters fit neatly together instead of jostling for space; or it adds a little flourish to their union. It may be extravagant or all but invisible.

Ligature is a new electronic publishing platform. We’re here to connect readers, new and established writers and editors, and to link the best aspects of traditional publishing with the new opportunities presented by the digital age.

Readers · All our books are available to purchase in the format of your choice, free of digital rights management so you can read them on all your devices forever.

New writers · We’ll match you with an editor who’ll help you develop your manuscript to its full potential and introduce it to the widest possible audience.

Published writers · We’ll convert your backlist titles, and edit and produce your unpublished titles so your full body of work is available worldwide.

Editors · Work on manuscripts you believe in, receive full credit for your contribution and take part in all revenues generated from the book.

Please look around, check out our books and consider writing or editing for us.

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