Genre in the electronic age is a more fluid and perhaps a more useful construct than it was in the days of bookshop schematics and planograms. Very few books fit entirely into one genre, and many have felt uncomfortable in the shelves and sections where they’ve found themselves. Electronic bookstores allow a more nuanced description of a book’s genre or genres. For readers, as for writers, a genre is an excellent place to start—but it can be particularly enthralling to end up in a different realm altogether, or at least visit such a place along the way.

Most of our books may be classified as either Literary Fiction or Young Adult fiction. This division is based entirely on the age of the intended audience: as everyone knows, Young Adult fiction is simply Literary Fiction for young adults.

As well as full-length novels we’ll publish works of Poetry and Theatre where these are reasonably adaptable to electronic formats. We’re also open to other forms like short stories and novellas, which have often had a difficult time in the physical world.

These are categories of audience and format, and not really genres as they’re traditionally understood. And sometimes it’s not useful or even possible to attempt anything more specific. But often a book will dip into one or more of the more-or-less established genres of fiction—Crime, perhaps, or Science Fiction—and add their tropes and conventions to its own. When it does, we’ll be there too.

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