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We know as well as anyone that these can be difficult times for “mid-list” authors. You write a book that everyone agrees is good enough to publish; and then you write a better book that nobody will publish because the last one didn’t sell quite enough, or whatever. But without the overheads of traditional publishing, we can focus on quality rather than past sales. You’ll go through the same editorial process as new writers do and get 50% of our receipts, and as a published writer you can expect to get a lot of attention from our editors.

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We also feel that it’s a tragedy whenever a book goes out of print—but e-books never have to. If you have previously-published work whose rights have reverted to you, or whose electronic rights you never sold, please submit it to us. We can quickly scan and proof paper copies, and convert electronic documents made with word processors however ancient. Since these books have already been edited, you’ll get the full 65% of our receipts from the sale of your backlist titles and ensure that your entire body of work is available to your readers.

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