Book cover
The Stencil Man

by The Stencil Man
genre Literary Fiction · War

A concentration camp—on Australian soil. Men are separated from their families by barbed wire. They have committed no crimes; they try to explain to their children that they’re not in prison. It feels like prison. They’re told it’s only temporary, there are processes in train. Nothing changes. There are riots. Plans to escape. It is 1942.

Book cover
Past the Headlands

by Past the Headlands
genre Literary Fiction · War

Past the Headlands is a sweeping story of north-west Australia and south-east Asia at the beginning of the Pacific War in 1941. The fall of Malaya and Singapore and the bombing of Darwin—what looked like the invasion of Australia—ebb and crash over a man’s long search to find a home and a woman’s determination to keep hers, connected by old memories and new betrayals. It is a thriller and a romance, a story of earth and water, air and metal—an unforgettable ride through the most precarious time in our region’s recent history.

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