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Young Einstein: and the Story of E=mc²

by Young Einstein: and the Story of E=mc²
genre Non-fiction · Science

Everyone recognises the famous physicist with the wild, white hair. But what sort of person was the young Albert Einstein, before he became universally acclaimed as the archetypal genius? And how did his genius unfold?

In this compact, brilliant work—originally a Kindle Single—scientist Robyn Arianrhod blends biography with popular science to tell the story of how young Albert developed a theory that—unknown to him at first—contained the seeds of his extraordinary equation E=mc².

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Voyages to the South Seas

by Voyages to the South Seas
genre Non-fiction · Science

Winner of the Victorian Premier’s Nettie Palmer Prize for Non-Fiction, Voyages to the South Seas is an exhilarating expedition through a key period in the European exploration of the Pacific and in the history of science.

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A Future in Flames

by A Future in Flames
genre Non-fiction

Fire has shaped the Australian landscape and the lives of Australians for thousands of years—and will continue to do so as the climate changes. For all our advances in prevention and prediction, planning and communication, bushfires keep claiming our lives and our homes. How can we avoid another Ash Wednesday or Black Saturday?

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The Knowledge Wars

by The Knowledge Wars
genre Non-fiction · Science

Science and scientists have found themselves in conflict with powerful interests since Galileo, but perhaps never before have they been under attack on so many fronts. When it comes to climate change, vaccinations and the causes of disease, genetically modified organisms and even evolution, it’s hard to tell where science ends and vested interests, politics and wishful thinking begin. Or is it?

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Einstein’s Heroes

by Einstein’s Heroes
genre Non-fiction · Science

Albert Einstein kept the portraits of three inspiring predecessors on his study wall: Sir Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell and Michael Faraday. This is the story of those three pioneers in the fundamental language of mathematics.

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