Welcome to Ligature

Welcome to the Ligature website. Ligature is a cooperative electronic platform developed by me, Matt Rubinstein. Right now we publish electronic editions of most of my books as well as three award-winning classics of Australian young adult literature by Gillian Rubinstein, who is now better known as Lian Hearn, author of the Tales of the Otori series, and is also my mother.

We are preparing to publish a range of other significant works of Australian and world literature by authors who are not related to me that have never been available electronically before. We are also seeking new work by both published and unpublished authors and will match this work to professional editors or published writers who will develop it to its full potential. Our aim is to build a community of writers and editors who help each other out and are rewarded with a stake in each other’s work.

We provide cover design, any necessary scanning from physical books to electronic copies, proofreading and conversion to e-book formats, ISBNs and sales through the Ligature bookshop, the Amazon Kindle store, the Apple iBookstore and the Kobo e-book store. We take just 25% of our revenues from all sales. Where your book has previously been published, you keep the remaining 75%. Where it hasn’t, your editor will get 15% and you’ll keep 60%.

We may change these numbers in the future as we grow bigger, but you’ll always get the rates you signed up for—for all your books. So check your bookshelf for spare author copies, check your drawers for finished manuscripts, and get in touch.

And in the meantime, buy some books!