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Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms · 鉄条網と桜

by Anita Heiss
Ligature finest
genre Historical Fiction · Literary Fiction · Romance

A story about a love that transcends all boundaries, from one of Australia’s best loved authors—in a new Japanese translation by Noriko Oka with Professor Donna Weeks.

In August 1944, over 1000 Japanese soldiers break out of their prison compound on the fringes of Cowra. Many are killed or recaptured, and some take their own lives. But one soldier, Hiroshi, manages to escape. At a nearby Aboriginal mission, Banjo Williams discovers Hiroshi, distraught and on the run, and he and his fellow townsfolk offer him refuge. Banjo’s daughter Mary is intrigued by the softly-spoken stranger, and charged with his care. Love blossoms between them, and they each dream of a future together. But how long can Hiroshi be hidden safely and their bond kept a secret?

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The Age of Discretion

by Virginia Duigan
Ligature finest
genre Literary Fiction · Romance

Old friends Vivien and Julia are in crisis mode. Out of the blue, Viv’s husband of over 30 years delivers a devastating marital deal-breaker. And world-famous soprano Julia Jefferies fears her brilliant career is at an end.

But these are two resourceful—and very contemporary—women. Viv’s audacious move sets up a cascade of events that will alter her family forever. Now it’s official: love is not only for the young.

This romantic comedy of manners is seductive, sophisticated, and in every way provocative. The Age of Discretion upends beliefs and expectations in a hilarious, untidy love story for our times. And for our ages—whatever they may be.

‘With dry, wry wit, Duigan’s perspicacious, often poignant tale of middle-aged love and lust not only sizzles with sexiness and mischief—it also proves that women do not pass our amuse-by dates but, like vintage vino, simply become more and more delicious. Read at your own risqué!’
—Kathy Lette

‘Mischievous, warm, provocative and profoundly relatable—with a fabulous twist that’ll make you gasp out loud—The Age of Discretion is a tale of reinvention and second chances that proves living is not just for the young.’
—Better Reading Australia

‘I was immediately captivated, frequently laughing out loud, and admiring of Duigan’s skilful writing and smart dialogue. In the still-disappointing selection of intelligent and authentic stories of older women’s lives, The Age of Discretion is a real beacon of light.’
—Liz Byrski AM

‘I loved this deeply insightful and very funny novel with its intimate portrait of a long-term marriage and all that that might imply. I was deeply engaged, deeply amused and deeply moved.’
—Robyn Nevin AM