Space Demons

Space Demons

by Gillian Rubinstein
published 1986
Ligature finest
genre Science Fiction · Young Adult

e-book · $7.99

print + e-book · $24.99

‘On the screen the spaceman continued to zap the space demons, twisting, turning and firing, but the chair where he had sat was empty, and the joystick did not move...’

Andrew has never seen a computer game like Space Demons before—a mysterious experiment, captivating in every way, blurring the boundaries between the real and the virtual.

At first it’s a refuge for Andrew and his friends—from school, their families, the uncertain future. But as the problems of their lives weave into its fabric and the space demons begin to creep into the real world, they can no longer afford to treat it as a game.

Space Demons has two sequels, Skymaze and Shinkei, both also available from Ligature.

Winner Children’s Peace Literature Prize · SA Festival National Children’s Book Award
Honour Book Children’s Book Council Book of the Year Older Readers