Ligature is a cooperative electronic publishing platform where writers and editors come together to create books for readers. This is our workshop or factory floor, where the transformation from raw materials to finish products begins.

If you’re a published writer with books that are out of print or haven’t been published electronically, please submit your books to us and we’ll see if we can publish them. You’ll pay nothing and get 75% of all sales.

If you have an unpublished manuscript that you’d like to see developed to its full potential, please submit your manuscript to us and we’ll present it to our editors. If they believe in your book they’ll propose an editorial plan for it, and you can accept whichever editor seems best for your work. Again, you’ll pay nothing but your editor will get 15% of all sales, and you’ll get 60%.

Whether you’ve submitted a previously-published book or an unpublished manuscript, you can review and edit your submissions at any time. If you’ve submitted an unpublished manuscript, any editorial proposals will be listed along with it.

If you’d like to know who might be looking out for your manuscript, you can meet our editors here. If you have some professional editing experience, we’d love you to become a Ligature editor. All published Ligature writers are also eligible to be Ligature editors if they’d like to keep contributing to the community. All editors get to choose which if any manuscripts they work on, and all get 15% of revenues from books they’ve edited.

If you have joined us as a published Ligature writer or dedicated Ligature editor, you can browse our submitted manuscripts and see which take your fancy. You can then make editorial proposals, keep track of your proposals and withdraw them if you need to.